Harvest Crush Hike With a Prominent Vintner

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Home / Harvest Crush Hike With a Prominent Vintner

Hike With A Prominent Vintner

A BeautifulPlaces Tailor Made Experience

Explore Napa’s famed Rutherford Bench – a 3 mile stretch of land that produces some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the world from the ground up as you trek through famous vineyards with noted vintner/winemaker Julie Johnson of Tres Sabores.

Start with a with a fortifying breakfast and a traditional “cup of Zin”. Hike the vineyard roads and private trails of Rutherford from the valley floor across to the historic benchlands. What’s the annual life-cycle of a grapevine? How does one decide when to pick for optimum character and flavor? Does the age or location of a vine influence the outcome of a wine? How does dry farming or organic growing affect quality? Along the way, meet, greet and taste with the owners and vineyard managers of the lands you’re crossing.

You will discover the lore of the land and experience life among the vines from a winemaker’s unique point of view with an opportunity to visit vineyards such as Frog's Leap, Quintessa, Rubicon, Alpha-Omega, Long Meadow Ranch, BV, Staglin, and Provenance. Mid-day, take a break and enjoy a typical wine country lunch. You’ll conclude with a wine and cheese tasting under a centuries- old oak tree at Tres Sabores as you watch the tangerine glow in the vineyards as the sun sets over the valley.

Julie Johnson, owner of Tres Sabores, is a highly regarded vintner; leader in the field of organic grape growing and wine making; Napa hostess and gourmet cook who has lived in Napa Valley for 30 years. She is one of the three founders of Frog’s Leap Vineyard, past president of ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers), and co-founder of Women for Wine Sense.

Availability for this BeautifulPlaces Tailor Made Experience is extremely limited, requires advanced booking and is offered only to guests staying in a BeautifulPlaces wine country villa. Rates depend on the number of participants.

Please call BeautifulPlaces today to arrange for your Harvest Crush Hike and book your BeautifulPlaces villa.


Photo credit: Robert Barclay Photography