Casa Fryzer - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Casa Fryzer - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



Where this home sits atop the mountain, there is nothing around it but clouds and sky. The spectacular estate has all San Jose Bay at its feet, and a vista encompassing many distant scenic points. Looking straight ahead, one becomes lost in the extraordinary sight of the immense ocean.

To reach the entrance, one climbs a precipitously winding road. Upon reaching the grand gate and doorway, it is finally possible to see inside Casa Fryzer — a magnificent residence distinguished not only for its size and setting, but for its elegance. Stone rules the exterior, in lordly dignity. The interior facades have lighter surfaces that enhance one’s sensory impressions, bringing joy to residents and visitors. It’s no exaggeration to say that this residence is made for pleasure and comfort throughout, with subtle touches in some areas, and stunning details in others.

Directly across from the main entrance, the handsome infinity pool beckons with its sensual organic lines. The placement and design of the pool area make it the home’s focal point: among its amenities are a large Jacuzzi and two circular islands with fire pits and armchairs. Adding to the prospective pleasures are the benches set around the islands and at the pool’s rim; facing the bay from this vantage is a total aquatic experience. At night, the exterior’s fabulous lighting design allows the owner to extend his days in paradise as long as he likes.

Casa Fryzer’s interiors are spacious and refined, with the architecture guaranteeing optimal cross-ventilation and access to the spectacular landscape, thanks to sliding glass doors. The kitchen and wine cellar, each beautiful on its own, are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology to assure that exquisite gourmet food and drink may be served at any hour. Terraces outside the gorgeous bedrooms expand those private spaces, adding nature’s beauty to their other charms.

The house’s concept responds entirely to the owner’s needs, which include being able to live outdoors year round, and having a thoroughly comfortable exterior setting from which to enjoy the region’s stupendous climate. Los Cabo’s climate was actually the owner’s most important determining factor for building Casa Fryzer; he’d lived in New York and California, and continued to seek the perfect place for his style of life. Researching and traveling widely, he came upon Baja and its perfect weather and most beautiful ocean views — a unique combination only Los Cabos offers.

The house is open, with interiors flowing easily into the exterior; allowing residents to live in the fresh air around the clock, The owner’s intense vitality inspired him to illuminate the state at night, as bright as daylight. His love of the water meant construction of a marvelous pool and installation of private Jacuzzis in the bedrooms, so he can conceivably eat, drink, and sleep in the water.

But finally, this home is his refuge, a sanctuary that meets his every need and desire without his having to leave his property: it has even become his business centre. And at the same time Casa Fryzer is a model residence; it consciously shows that a luxurious estate, with all the accoutrements for living life to the hilt, can be built in Mexico — and particularly in Los Cabos. The owner’s vision is now trained on the Bahia de Los Sueños development, an extraordinary place of pristine beauty located on the shores of the Sea of Cortes between Los Cabos and LaPaz.

The following services included with every Casa Fryzer booking: Welcome tequila beverage Daily maid service / Housekeeping Dedicated household staff Chef Butler / Driver Engineer / Maintenance Personnel Five in Staff


Property Highlights

  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 10 Bathrooms
  • Sleeps 15
  • Full Time Staff of 5
  • Hilltop, 360* Views
  • 2 Master Bedrooms
  • Movie Theater
  • Gym
  • Boat w/Captain Available